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  1. Friday, 5/25/12

    The Backpacker Boom – L.L.Bean in the Seventies

    Did you know that the sport of “backpacking” didn’t always exist? True backpackers like the ones we’ve been hearing from through our Get Outfitted Gear Giveaway or Steve Gadecki of our “Discover Something” campaign didn’t really come around until the seventies. It was then that L.L.Bean started focusing on products for the everyday explorer, rather than exclusively for hunters… More

  2. Tuesday, 5/15/12

    L.L.Bean Product Testing – in the Lab and in the Field

    We’ve been crafting products that can stand the test of time since our founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, first started making and testing his original pair of boots back in 1912.   Every day, L.L.Bean products are ripped, pulled, doused, smashed and subjected to countless integrity tests in our state-of-the-art, 4,000-square-foot Freeport lab. Five full-time testing… More

  3. Wednesday, 4/25/12

    The Face of L.L.Bean – Ethel Williams

    On Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day we honor and celebrate those who help every organization run smoothly. Whether working for a school, a hospital or a big corporation, administrative pros are the people who hold the infrastructure together, day in and day out. Without them, to-do lists could never be checked off as quickly, and projects… More

  4. Monday, 3/26/12

    The War Years: L.L. Bean Goes to Washington

    Throughout our anniversary year, we’re giving Trail Mix readers an inside look at our latest book, Guaranteed To Last, which chronicles our 100-year history. Today we thought we’d open the book and provide you with a closer look at our founder, L.L., and one particularly interesting trip to the nation’s capital in the 1940s –… More

  5. Thursday, 3/8/12

    Face of Bean: George Soule

    As told in our anniversary book, Guaranteed to Last, the story of George Soule and his duck decoys gives us a rare view into the evolution of a sporting tool that many take for granted today. It began when L.L. found a new hunting companion in a man forty years his junior yet wise beyond… More

  6. Wednesday, 2/8/12

    The Recipe for L.L.Bean Boots

    One hundred years ago, L.L.Bean Boots were handmade in a forty-by-twenty-five-foot basement space. These days, employees handcraft about 1,500 pairs of Bean Boots every day in our 130,000-square-foot Brunswick, Maine, manufacturing plant; and while manufacturing has remained fundamentally the same, we’ve updated our technology and hired additional employees to meet the constant demand for new… More

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