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  1. Friday, 9/7/12

    A Man, a Backpack and a Mission

      You may remember that we featured L.L.Bean customer and avid outdoorsman Steve Gadecki in our recent Discover Something advertising campaign. Steve wanted to say thanks and share his personal story, which involves an L.L.Bean backpack and a love for our national parks.   Steve writes:   My story begins when my mother bought me… More

  2. Thursday, 6/21/12

    An Interview with RJ—Get (Outfitted) Gear Giveaway Winner and Aspiring Angler

    Many see fly fishing as a way to escape from the stresses of everyday life – and recent Gear Giveaway winner, R.J., would agree. After winning a lesson with Macauley “Mac” Lord, an L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools instructor and renowned fly fisherman, R.J. learned how to not only catch fish, but reconnect with himself and… More

  3. Tuesday, 6/19/12

    Sharon’s Story – Get (Outside) Gear Giveaway Winner

    An avid runner and mother of two, Sharon discovered our Gear Giveaway in an email from L.L.Bean, but this wasn’t her family’s first foray into the world of the great outdoors. They’re all-around outdoor enthusiasts, and they’ve tried everything from biking to fishing to snowshoeing, with more outdoor plans for this summer.     Sharon… More

  4. Friday, 5/25/12

    The Backpacker Boom – L.L.Bean in the Seventies

    Did you know that the sport of “backpacking” didn’t always exist? True backpackers like the ones we’ve been hearing from through our Get Outfitted Gear Giveaway or Steve Gadecki of our “Discover Something” campaign didn’t really come around until the seventies. It was then that L.L.Bean started focusing on products for the everyday explorer, rather than exclusively for hunters… More

  5. Friday, 5/4/12

    Discover Something with the Wagners

    We hope you’ll agree that each of our “Discover Something” videos offers inspiration to explore – whether it’s climbing over 100 of the world’s mountains or discovering salamanders. We’re thrilled that you’re all a part of this journey.   Our third video in this series features the Wagners, a mother-son pair who share a love… More

  6. Saturday, 4/28/12

    Discover Something with Ashlyn

    What have you discovered in the great outdoors lately? That’s the question we’re asking as L.L.Bean launches the Discover Something campaign in celebration of our 100th anniversary. We encourage you to get outside today and explore nature with a renewed outlook, and we’d love to hear what you discover.   For inspiration, we invite you… More

1 million moments. $1 million. Countless outdoor discoveries.
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