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  1. Wednesday, 12/12/12

    L.L.Bean’s Bootmobile Wraps Up Wintervention College Tour

      From chilly New England to upstate New York, we asked college students one question – do you need a Wintervention? At all ten schools selected for our Wintervention tour, the answer was a resounding “YES!”   This fall, the Bootmobile brought our Wintervention contest to ten colleges across the Northeast. Students could enter to… More

  2. Wednesday, 5/23/12

    Our Fourth Million Moment Mission Update

    It’s been four months since we announced the Million Moment Mission – our mission to donate $1 million to the National Park Foundation, and we wanted to give you an update on our progress so far.   As of this month, 291,561 moments have already been shared. That’s $291,561 for the National Park Foundation – over… More

  3. Friday, 3/23/12

    Our Second Million Moment Mission Update

    In January, we announced our Million Moment Mission, an endeavor to donate $1 million to the National Park Foundation. For every outdoor moment shared with us online on this site, Facebook or Twitter in 2012, we’ll donate $1 to the cause.   Your support over the past two months has been astounding, with 158,734 moments already… More

1 million moments. $1 million. Countless outdoor discoveries.
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